Sunday, July 26, 2009

A new beginning

This spring everything seemed to change all at once.

On a low day at work, I signed up for a 'Career Coaching' session with the University of Bristol. Three months later I found myself at the careers office (clearly, they are very over-used and understaffed), explaining the possibilities I saw open before me, including a random course at Bath Spa University I had recently applied for. After I finished talking the counselor said, "Well, it seems obvious to me what you should do."

Clearly it was not obvious to me. My head was racing. What, what should I do??

"Tell me about the writing course," she said.

What the counselor helped me to realize in that short session was that I had a golden opportunity staring me right in the face. More than ever I wanted to take some time off to work at my writing. I dream of becoming a published children's author. And the Bath Spa program seems like the perfect opportunity to critically apply myself to my writing.

I could think of every reason in the world not to sign up, and I shared them all with the counselor. But at the end of the session I realized for once in my life I was going to give myself permission to do exactly what I wanted.

A week later I received my acceptance letter for Bath Spa University's masters in Writing for Young People. A week after that I signed my name and returned the form. Friday will be my last day of work at the University of Bristol and in September I will begin classes.

I ended my last blogging foray a little over a year ago. I missed it terribly, but I couldn't find enough time to write, and many of my posts seemed so whiny to my ears. Whiny and overly critical.

But now that I have been granted a bit of time in my life, I want to try my hand at blogging again here at 'Critically-Yours'.

But my goal is a more complex than pure criticism. This year I want to throw all my powers of criticism into ripping my writing, my plotting, my voice, apart so I can become the best writer possible.

But aside from my fiction writing, I want to work at being less critical. I want to open my mind to my fellow classmates, my teachers, Bath Spa's beautiful campus, and try to learn everything I can. I also want to open my mind to life in a new country (even though I've lived here for two years, it still feels so new and bizarre) and a new way of living as a full time writer.

So to hold myself accountable to these goals, but also to give myself the opportunity for a little fun writing, let this blog commence!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging.
    A great start & every story has to have a strong beginning!
    You must come to Cornwall soon to acquire another sense of place.
    Put it in your writer's diary as 'research'.

  2. Wow, what a BIG step! Congratulations on having the courage to do it. As one of the characters in the movie "Ali" said: "Now you're free. Free ain't easy, but free is real." I look forward to reading about your progress...

  3. Thanks, Duone. I feel just like Ali! =)
    But a great quote, it really does just about sum up how I feel!

  4. Congratulations! That's so exciting - I'm glad you've found your next step. Best of luck!


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