Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My favorite Christmas movies

I adore Christmas movies, but other than "Elf", I didn't see many on British TV this year. Not even The Muppet Christmas Carol! I just don't feel ready for Christmas.

So I figured I'd take this opportunity to reminisce a bit, play on You Tube, and share my list of favorite Christmas movies. I've always wanted to do a Christmas-movie marathon, but somehow I'm not sure anyone else shares a similar love of romantic comedies, dramas and children's movies. I'd love to see what your favorites are in the comments!

While You Were Sleeping

My second favorite romantic comedy ever (my first favorite is "When Harry Met Sally", which is unfortunately more of a New Year's movie, not a Christmas one). It's set in beautiful Chicago, it has snow, a cute and cheerful Sandra Bullock, lots of humor and (very important for a romantic comedy) I never once feel squirmy and tempted to write the studio complaining about their misogyny. Plus Peter and Jack's family completely reminds me of the family I married into.

Little Women

OK, I'm not sure many people would think of it as a Christmas movie, but it's got Christmas scenes, lots of snow, and a generous and loving family (and it's that last bit that really makes me think of Christmas).

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Every year I listen to the music (this year I listened while making latkes. Both the Jews and the Christians would probably be angry about that one!). My sister and I used to imitate the Peanuts' dances:

And every time I hear that passage from Luke, I hear Linus reciting it in one of my favorite TV moments ever. It gives me chills and somehow never feels didactic, more magical.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Phil has added a few comedies onto my list. Perhaps this movie gets a little closer to the truth than all my romanticized versions of Christmas.

The Christmas Story

This is Phil's family's favorite. Phil's dad is Ralphie and his Uncle is Randy. It's like the producers watched them grow up.

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

The best Christmas movie ever. Ever. It makes me laugh, it makes me teary eyed, it perfectly captures the magic of Christmas. I realize it looks a little dated, but I'm so sad it is never shown on TV anymore. But you can watch the whole thing on YouTube! The below clip is the beginning, where you can see all the characters (including Mr Hooper!) ice skating, that incredible little skater with Big Bird, and the characters rolling Oscar across the ice rink and down the stairs.

I hope everyone has a merry holiday season. I'm taking a bit of a break myself, and will see you all again in January. Take care.


  1. All great picks! I also love "Miracle on 34th Street" and, a newer favorite, "Love Actually." Happy holidays!

  2. Thanks, Anna! I keep hearing about Love Actually. Must find a copy to watch! Happy holidays to you, too!

  3. Elf is number one, then Christmas Vacation - love Clark Griswold!

  4. A Christmas Story brings back many memories. Charlie Brown does, too.

  5. Thanks Kelly and Medeia! Good to know I'm the only one to get all nostalgic over these movies. But I am beginning to think I might need to find some more modern favorites too. Need to give Elf a good watch.


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