Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to work

I anticipated that my return to classes this past week would make life much busier. It has. On the flip side, it's great to be reunited with my classmates, and to be receiving their advice and critiques. The blog has suffered a bit lately, and should probably continue to suffer (work before pleasure!) while I juggle all the balls currently spinning through the air above me. In the meantime, I can feel my multi-tasting abilities growing by the minute!

On that note, I'd like to share a quick update on where I am in my reading and writing:

Finished JUNK by Melvin Burgess, which is good because I'll be meeting him this week and wanted to be able to say I had read something of his work. Very interesting young adult look at Bristol's culture of homelessness, drug addiction and prostitution. It's given me a lot to think about, and hopefully I'll find some time to write something about it soon.

Finished CANDLE MAN by Glenn Dakin, an ARC (Advanced Release Copy) of a book Egmont UK is publishing this March. I need to write a 600 word Guardian style review of it for my publishing course.

Continuing to work on "Anne Reads Books By & About People Different From Her" though as you can tell, I've been a little overloaded with reading lately. I'm hoping to post on the books I've read and enjoyed shortly. Perhaps JUNK should count...

This past week I had the first chapter of my sparkly new novel workshopped. Thrilled to report my classmates liked it! Since then I have worked on revising that chapter, polishing the next chapter for workshop, written first drafts of chapters 9 and 10, and plotted chapter 11 (I'm now at 15000 words). That sounds like a lot, but I'm not entirely satisfied with it. I'm really trying to push ahead with this novel and write as much as I can before I need to make some big decisions about which of my two novels in progress I hope to complete by September.

I've been doing some behind the scenes blog writing. Tracy, the amazing blogger for Tall Tales and Short Stories, has invited the Undiscovered Voices anthology winners to put together a blog post about our UV experiences thus far. She's also asked me to write a guest blog post about my MA experiences. Of course, I'll share all these links as soon as they're posted.

And finally, in case you lost track of days, I sure haven't! This WEDNESDAY is the Undiscovered Voices 2010 BOOK LAUNCH! I'll be sure to share a link to Tall Tales and Short Stories' UV written review of the event, as well as more on my own take and pictures.

Happy writing and reading to all of you this week!

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