Friday, February 5, 2010

Finding myself in my dreams

In September, when I had recently left my job and had not yet started school, I began recording my dreams. As I explained on this blog then: "I've come to think of my dreams as a gift. I find them massively entertaining, and...I love sorting through them, trying to figure out what bits and pieces evolved from the previous day." And I figured, since Stephenie Meyer found the story for her bestselling TWILIGHT series in a dream, maybe I could call it work too. Not that I really expected that to happen.

However, at the time, much as I was enjoying myself, I wasn't sure I would continue the recording. As I wrote in my preivous post: "But even 10-15 minutes at the beginning of each day is beginning to seem a bit time consuming. I've started to wonder if it's worth it. I can see the patterns to my dreams, how frequently I dream about certain people, places and anxieties, but I could have done that before. However, I do appreciate giving myself a chunk of time every day to think about my dreams, since I do enjoy them. And I can't imagine I'll ever use it as a resource, but I like knowing that my dreams for the past month are all logged and tagged."

So... what happened? Well, I'm happy to share that I'm still recording my dreams. Certainly not spending 10-15 minutes on it every day though! More like 5, if that, unless I happen to remember a lot. And if I get busy, or this past autumn, when I was frequently sick, I will go days without recording anything. But I continue to come back to it.

Have I found the next TWILIGHT? Uh... no. I haven't been blown away by any brilliant ideas. However, I have found bits and pieces of ideas for stories, good enough that I've at least kept track of them. I have also found that spending a small amount of time each day recording my dreams makes me think about the previous day and the complexity of my thoughts and emotions. Sometimes things are presented in dreams in such a strange, metaphorical way, but upon waking I know what I was dreaming about, and gain some insight into how stressed I must have been about work or upset at a friend's passing comment.

So no novel-worthy inspirations, but perhaps a better understanding of my own psychological well-being. So... not half bad. Plus, I can within a minute tell you how many times this past 5 months I've dreamed about zombies... not a bad system at all!


  1. When I wake up from a vivid dream, I try to write it down. Some of my dreams seem like great story ideas.

  2. A lot of mine seem so at 3 am, but in the light of day really don't make any sense!

    Have you ever tried to pursue any of your dream ideas?

  3. With two books I did, but both fizzled out.

  4. How interesting that you got that far, though! Maybe YOU have the next Twilight up your sleeves!


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