Monday, February 8, 2010

What's next?

While this blog was originally intended to follow my path through my MA in Writing for Young People, I find I talk about my course rather infrequently. But the question "What's next?" has been on my mind a lot this past week, so I want to share my plans and schedule for the rest of the year.

I'm on break now. Isn't that wild? But I guess it's much like my time at Carleton, where I was in classes through November and then off until January. Except this year I was in classes until mid-December and don't return until next week Monday.

Beginning a week from today I will start my second (and last) semester at Bath Spa. I will be taking two classes, each three hours long and meeting once a week. The first will be a continuation of semester one's writing workshop. The second will be a course on the business side of writing, the ins and outs of the publishing industry. Useful I'm sure, and I imagine it will give me a lot to think about. But I've been writing so much lately, and have so many big deadlines coming up, that I'm twitchy about anytime away from those goals.

Classes will last through the first week of June. I will then have the rest of the summer to pull together my manuscript, which will be due around the end of September. That sounds awfully soon, doesn't it?

I started this course planning to use it to finish the wip I've been writing for the past year. But lately I've been thrown for a loop. I'm really enjoying this sparkly new novel I've been working on (no details forthcoming, sorry). I'm meeting with my tutor this week about the first twenty pages of my wip, but I have already seen her typed feedback, and she has lots of questions about my work. Not bad questions, but character questions and plot questions, the types of questions which could drastically change the whole story. On top of all that? She's quite enthusiastic about my sparkly new novel, too.

So... what's next? My tutor wants me to continue work on both, and while this new novel is going well, I'm inclined to just let the words keep coming. But anytime I start thinking about how soon September will be here I get mighty nervous.

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