Friday, March 26, 2010

Project Sparkle For the Win!

So Monday was Decision Day: would my sparkly new novel become my manuscript for my MA? Or would I revert back to my original, intended project?

Those of you who are my fellow writers on my MA program know I was hyping the drama for this a bit unnecessarily... you all knew which project I would chose. I think my tutor Julia has been hoping since she saw the first scene I wrote.

So of course...
It's Project Sparkle for the WIN!

The hardest part of this has been leaving behind the novel I had been working on for over a year and a half. I love the characters (as do Phil and my fellow classmates) and I worry about leaving them drifting lifeless through this rough novel without me there to guide them. Perhaps someday I will return to them. Perhaps I already have. I think the main character in Project Sparkle was derived in my subconscious from one of them. I wondered what would happen to Isabel and ended up writing a story about a female character with similar issues, just four years older.

Besides, how could I not choose Project Sparkle? Julia has been its cheerleader since day one. My classmates love it. Of course I love it. I'm a bit obnoxious like that. Most writers hate their creations until they're perfect. I'm more of a honeymoon writer; I love my creations until I've lived with them for a year or so, seen the hairs in the sink and the kleenex scattered around the living room.

And on Monday when I met with Julia to officially make my decision-less decision she gave me the best reason to continue with Project Sparkle: it's the manuscript I started on this course. It incorporates everything I've learned about myself as a writer thus far, developing characters and using them to develop plot, avoiding passive characters, avoiding overwriting...

As of today I'm at 36,000 words. This week I've been writing the climax. As early as Monday I had no idea what was going to happen. Thankfully Tuesday and Wednesday it all started coming together. If nothing else, Project Sparkle has taught me a ton about trusting my characters.

I just hope that someday I'll be able to tell you more about Project Sparkle and even better, that you'll be able to read it all, printed and officially published, for yourself.

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