Friday, May 14, 2010

The power of education

I thought this article was a powerful example of how much teachers can give to students as well as how much students can give to teachers. It's worth a read. Beautiful, fairly brief, and memorable: last night I dreamed of fields and open skies.

Carleton College Voice: "Speaking Their Language"
"Peter Hill ’00 has overcome personal and professional challenges in order to teach the endangered Lakota language to high school students on the Pine Ridge Reservation"

Note: I graduated from Carleton at the same time as Peter and we took many of our education classes together.



  1. I'm now imagining what it's like to be so overwhelmingly captivated by a landscape and culture that you can't imagine living anywhere else.

    Amazing story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Isn't that fascinating? Makes me wonder if sometimes we just have something in our blood, waiting, and when we meet the right place (or person or hobby, what have you!) we just know.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. And now Beloit College has your ex-president! Bwa-ha-ha! He gave a pretty good commencement address last Sunday. I'm glad they got him; wish he'd come a couple of years sooner so I could have enjoyed him longer!

  4. Ah, I didn't realize you were a Beloiter... or Beloitee... whatever you call yourself! =) He came after my time, but I've heard good things about him. Glad to hear the commencement was good. Hope Beloit enjoys him!


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