Monday, June 14, 2010

Facing down fear

Some writing days are hard. Most of my energy isn't taken up with writing. It's spent just having the courage to try.

Sometimes the doubts swirl around my head. After all these months of hard work, what if the book isn't good enough to get published? What if my voice has disappeared? What if everyone hates my character? What if I'm not smart enough to finish the book? What if I die and I never finish the book?

The best thing I can do on those days is to put my head down and keep working. Sometimes I get lost in the story. I forget my worries and fall in love with my character all over again. Other days I spend all my time facing down fear. I accomplish nothing. I go to bed and hope tomorrow will be better.

*The image is a photograph I took of a St George and the dragon statue in Stockholm.


  1. I agree. I've wasted so many days freaking out about this revision and going to bed, thinking: "Other people would have finished by now. Am I taking too long? What if it's too late when I send it back to the agent? What if they don't see potential in it anymore?"

    I've, slowly, started to come to terms with these days. The only thing I can go is get up the next day and strive to do better, write more words, kick that niggling, doubt-filled voice to the curb as hard as I can.

    But it's hard.

  2. Thanks, Helen. Sometimes it's easier just knowing that other writers go through the same thing. Good luck with your revisions.

  3. Some days you get the dragon; some days the dragon gets you. The important thing is to get up in the morning and TRY,

  4. Um... that should be a period after TRY.

    {Darn dragon...}

  5. I love the picture...

    a few of my critique buddies 'visualize' the ms published, create covers and all.

    One thing that helps me is some art work I is art of people reading -actually being entralled with the book in their hands -...and a reminder to make my ms as compelling as the books in the painting.


  6. Thanks, Anne and Angela.

    Today the dragon was much better behaved, so it was a much better morning! =)

    My tutor also suggests visualizing the future book cover. I've never thought of looking at pictures of others enjoying reading, but that's a wonderful idea to keep focused on the important parts of storytelling. Might make me more fearful about writing a good book, though!

  7. I have my moments of doubt: am I doing it right, am I taking too long, am I rushing, am I any good?

    I shove the doubt aside and keep working.

  8. Thanks, Medeia. I think that's absolutely what needs to be done, hard as it is: "shove the doubt aside and keep working"!

    So reassuring to hear others go through the same fears, too.


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