Friday, October 8, 2010

Links to share

Ever since my program finished, I've been like a retiree, kvetching about how there's never enough time. I'm hardly doing any writing, yet somehow between brainstorming for my next project, doing regular household chores, and volunteering for the Bath Festival of Children's Literature, I've been crazy busy. How's that work?

Anyway, this weekend is my trip to Dublin. YAY! Hopefully when I come back I'll be able to settle into a routine and and put some serious effort into beginning my new novel. But more about that Monday. For now, a couple of links:

One of my favorite people, Tim Gunn, recorded a heart-breaking and honest video for GLBTQ youth about his own suicide attempt with the message that life gets better.

(Thanks for the link to Lee, of I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell Do I Read?)

Also addressing the topic of bullying and just being human, children's author Jacqui Robbins posted on her blog: "My son loves pink, a rant." I wish everyone in the country could read this post and talk about it.

Please check out and share both.


  1. I just saw this. Thanks so much, Anne.

  2. You're welcome. It was an excellent post, happy to share.


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