Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving and Writing updates

Yes, those are T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and shark brownies. What can I say? I'm married to paleontologist. We had a lot of fellow scientists over for Thanksgiving. I thought the brownies were particularly impressive.

Thanks to everyone for your Thanksgiving well wishes. The celebration was fantastic. We had around 25 people squeezed into our apartment, and so much food... well, it really did feel like Thanksgiving. I just wish I had taken more pictures.

As always, our friends rose to the occasion food-wise. Most of them have never celebrated Thanksgiving before, but they bring food that is traditional to their own cultures and families. Along with my jambalaya, we had pumpkin soup, Japanese spicy pork, several plates full of french cheese (brought from Paris that morning!), and frumenty (a traditional Anglo Saxon dish!). We had rolls, cheese muffins, lentil spread, and a shredded carrot dish with walnuts and vinegar that tasted just like something I could imagine my grandmother making. Along with Phil's pumpkin pie, there was an Oreo cheesecake, tiramisu, the brownies, and so many other delicious, lovely things that I didn't even have room to sample!

Aside from eating all that (plus many leftovers!), and dealing with the joys and frustrations of the submission process (more on that next week), I actually have been getting some writing done.

My OctAnNoNaNoWriMowithNoGuilt-o pursuits are over, and officially didn't go so well. But unofficially I'm pretty pleased.

I worked on Project Demo for a few weeks, then gave up and switched to something else. However, for all my gusto and determination, I'm clearly a fickle writer. I got just as frustrated with the something else, and because I couldn't get Project Demo out of my head (and because all my writing friends love it), I switched back a week later.

But I now believe I'm into Project Demo for the long haul. At least, until I finish my rough draft. It could quite possibly be the shortest and roughest rough draft I've ever written. But as of this morning I'm over 16K and surprisingly pleased with it.

How did NaNo (or your other writing commitments) go for you this past month? Any crazy plans for the Christmas holidays (writing, food, or otherwise related)?

As for me, I'm in the holiday mood. I think I'll make some Christmas cookies this afternoon. Happy holidays!


  1. HAPPY LATE THANKSGIVING! You made me hungry. I've been a bit out of touch of late because, well, life ... but it sounds like you're doing well. I didn't do NaNo because I think it'd just set me up for failure ... slow and steady, right?

    And ... you doing 16k in one month is AWESOME!! Christmas is crazy in Colombia. I'm bracing myself.

    Happy baking!

  2. Thanks, Heidi! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! The holidays always make me hungry. =) I'd send you some cookies if I thought they'd make it in any decent shape to Columbia!

    Hope things are going okay for you and life isn't too crazy in a bad way. Slow and steady wins the race!

  3. Frumenty sounds like a fruit pudding (fun for English majors, anyway!) Thanks for the introduction to a new dish!

    Me, I'm about 80% finished on the umpteenth revision of one me. Can't wait to get finished with it and cross out all the notes in the "To be fixed" file.

  4. Awesome brownies and now you're gearing up for cookies. :)

    I didn't do Nano, but tried to finish a draft. Tried--I didn't finish, but I got so much done.

  5. Anne, I joke that I learn something new in this country nearly every week. Frumenty was a first for me, too! Another good one, from last week, was that "pants" can also mean something bad or frustrating. Like, "That test was pants!" The fun never ends! =)

    I think that 80% done is one of the worst bits. You know the end is in site, but there's still so much work to go before you reach it. Good luck!

    Medeia, "so much done" is great! Congrats! Besides, the purpose isn't to meet every goal, but to push ourselves to get work done.

    The cookies turned out great. Seems such a shame to have lovely food sitting around the house and not be able to share some with my bloggy writing friends!

  6. What an amazing spread you had! I love your dinosaur brownies :)


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