Friday, April 29, 2011

The Stylish Blogger: Me?!

Thanks to author and blogger Kelly Hashway, who awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award. Stylish! Who would’ve thought?
In addition to an acceptance speech, the Stylish Blogger Award requires a list of 7 things you might not know about me. Uhhh… well, okay, here goes!

1. I love blueberries.

2. My favorite place is Australia (I know it’s a big country, but I haven’t been lucky enough to explore it so carefully that I can narrow it down to a single area I love). The landscape is breathtaking, the wildlife so fascinating, and the people so kind. I must’ve been searched for drugs at the airport at least three different times, and each time I was happy to comply. Perhaps that’s why security kept searching my bag: clearly I was high on something.

3. I can’t wait until to own a dog again. My last dog, Connor, wasn’t young or healthy enough to make the trip with me across the Atlantic. He spent the last few years of his life gloriously cared for by my in-law, and passed away two summers ago. As I don’t think it’s fair to bring any dog across an ocean, I’m waiting until I return to the US to find another furry best friend.

4. I love the color orange. It’s weird, and it’s a fairly recent thing in my life. But it’s so bright and bold and fun. I’ve started wearing a lot of orange (see my blog pic for proof!).

Boy this is hard… do I really have to come up with seven things to say about me?

5. I can sing Head-Shoulders-Knees-and-Toes in Visayan (a Filipino language). I lived in the Philippines for a summer when I was in college, working with kids and families in rural and impoverished areas.

6. I was on the diving team (springboard diving) throughout high school and in my first year of college. I was never very good, and it was plenty scary, but it was really fun, too, doing flips and twists into the water.

7. I find baking incredibly peaceful, whether it’s kneading bread or mixing brownies. I’ve got leftover bananas on hand, so tomorrow is banana bread. Come over if you’re in the area!

Wow, that was a lot about me! So… the other part of this award is to pass it on to several other wonderful blogger friends… but I’m going to kind of cheat on this part.

I’m so grateful for Kelly, and for all you amazing readers and friends I’ve found through Critically Yours. Thank you.

However, I had another award fairly recently (here’s a link to all my awards, and all the blogger friends I’ve celebrated in the past). So instead I’d like to share links to some of my favorite blogs.

They don’t need any publicity from me, they’re plenty popular and well known, but they’re places that make me happy, or teach me, or inspire me, and I hope you might enjoy sharing them with me.

The Book Smugglers is the most thoughtful book review blog I’ve found. I’m so appreciative for Ana and Thea for all their honest reviews, and their willingness to tackle issues like homophobia, racism, and misogyny in books.

Rachelle Gardner: Rants and Ramblings on Life as a Literary Agent

Rachelle mentions rants in her title, but I can't remember her ever ranting. Not only have I found her blog full of of useful information about the publishing business, just as importantly, she never comes across as tired or frustrated with writers, but inspiring and encouraging, and she’s made her blog into such a safe place.

Laini Taylor

A friend got me hooked on author Laini Taylor's blog. Laini doesn’t post about her writing much (though those posts are always informative and encouraging!). Her blogging passion is pictures, and whether pictures of her travels, her adorable little girl, interior design, or her latest find in an eclectic Portland store, her blog always has lots of pretty.

What are some of your favorite places on the web?

*As some of you may have seen me bewailing on Twitter, due to work on my front yard my home’s broadband cable was snapped in half on Wednesday (clearly this is Fate playing with me after I bragged about how much I was getting done when I turned off my internet!). I won’t have regular access online for some time. I’m trying to keep on top of things as much as I can, but I apologize for all your lovely emails and blog comments that are going unanswered.

Also, I am going to be away from my blog next week. I had planned to share some favorite old posts, but at this point, I might just let it be. Hopefully I’ll be back, in force in mid May. Until then, I’ll be missing you! *

*Pictures are all mine, Connor, and me feeding the surprisingly pushy rock wallabies in Queensland, Australia*


  1. Congratulations Anne! I'm impressed that you were a diver. Jumping off feet first off the "high board" at the pool was about it for me. :)

    I've been without internet too the last few days. Terrible storms swept through the South. We weren't hit like Alabama (towns completely swept away and many dead). Hope you enjoy your break!

  2. How lovely to hear such lovely thoughts about my own home country! Connor looks like such a nice dog :)

  3. Bridgette: Thanks! A lot of people respond that way to the diving--but I really couldn't get enough of that marvelous feeling of weightlessness.

    I'm sorry you're without internet too--but glad to hear you're doing okay otherwise. Goodness, it could be so much worse. It's been a frustrating few days, but it's also made me count my blessings, clean water, shelter, safety.

    Anna: I LOVED Australia. My husband and I keep trying to plot a way to go back! Connor was a lovely dog, very sweet and gentle--losing him was hard, but I've got a lot of good memories.

  4. oh no! Hopefully you'll get lots done during your enforced isolation. Loved your links! I'm now hooked on the Book Smuggler site. Very cool!

    (I know I owe you an email. Crazy week - hopefully will get some quiet to write back in the next day or so...)

  5. I love the pictures! I was oohing and aahing all the way down the screen.

  6. Elisabeth: Ohhh, happy to share the Book Smugglers with you. I LOVE them!

    I used my enforced isolation (love calling it that!) to work through a really tricky scene in Project Demo. So it didn't FEEL like I got a lot done, but it would've probably taken a lot longer with the internet's siren call.

    Kelly: Thanks! Always fun to share my own pics--I should do it more often!

  7. I'm wild about blueberries too, and am almost always checked for drugs at airports. I think it must be the daft look on my face, or the fact that I usually dress in grey -- and tend to daydream. But I don't really mind if people are kind and polite.

    I'm finally coming out of my two-month non-writing hibernation. I'll definitely check out the blogs you've listed here.

  8. Mary: Are you able to get good blueberries in Scotland? I find if I get them imported from other countries they're okay, but there's a real blueberry dearth here! Obviously an important issue. =)

    A little kindness and politeness will go a long way with me, too. ESPECIALLY at an airport.

    Ohhh, congrats on coming out of the writing hibernation!


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