Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Returning to Project Demo

I'm baaaack! After losing access to the internet for almost a week, I spent the following week in Greece on a desperately needed vacation, and am only now returning to the real (and virtual!) world.

Yesterday I had fresh kiwi and yogurt with honey for breakfast, then spent the morning touring the Ancient Agora, once Athen's marketplace and social center. That afternoon Phil and I gathered our luggage and caught the metro out to the airport for our flight home (Good thing, too! Today is another strike in Athens, shutting down all public transportation and including police, bankers, and air traffic controllers!).

On the long ride to the airport, I mentally said goodbye to Greece, yogurt with honey, the Acropolis, the sea, mountains and blue skies, and prepared myself to return to Bristol. It wasn't easy.

But then I thought about Project Demo, which I hadn't worked on for the past week. I'm hoping to finish draft 3 by the end of this month, to finish my entire revision before the end of the summer. Project Demo has always been the no-win novel. I've despaired over it, feared to show it to anyone, even abandoned it once. Yet I keep coming back to it. And suddenly it's nearing the end. I can see the finish line, and, if I squint, what might be a beautiful story.

So while I didn't really have any choice about coming home, for once it was Project Demo that gave me something to look forward to. Imagine that!

I got back to Bristol last night just before midnight, but was up this morning to keep to my writing routine and dive into Project Demo. Also hoping to put off the massive pile of unanswered emails and the mile-long to-do list as long as possible!

Oh, and don't worry. I took LOTS of pictures of Greece. It is a beautiful, magical place, and I can't wait to share some of it on the blog.


  1. oooh! Welcome back! Can't wait for piccies :).

    I'm still working on structure but made some big breakthroughs in the past couple of days, so looking forward to documenting that as I get ready to try to write a scene a day for a while.


  2. Welcome back, Anne! I lived in Greece for three months--it was a long time ago, though. Can't wait to see your pics. Show all of them :)

  3. Oooh, can't wait to see the pictures! Welcome back! :)

  4. Aw, thanks for the warm welcome back, everyone! Good to see you all again. I'll get moving on the pics asap!

    Elisabeth: Oh, congratulations on your break through! What a great feeling! Go you!

    Andrea: Wow, where in Greece did you live? What an exciting time that must have been.

    Karen: I can't wait to see the pictures either... but not really looking forward to sorting through all of them! =)

  5. Anne, it was exciting. We kept a small room in Athens, on the edge of Plaka. Traveled to the Peloponnese to visit family. Did a weekend, three-island visit. Then just stayed in Athens and did day-to-day things (shopping for lunch, etc.).

  6. Glad you're back, you've been missed! And glad that you had a lovely holiday. Good luck with Project Demo.

  7. Yay, you're back.

    I'd love to go to Greece someday. It does seem like a magical place.

  8. Andrea: We stayed in the Plaka area, too. I understand Athens has changed quite a bit since the Olympics and become more accessible to tourists. It must have been quite different (and such an experience!) when you lived there.

    GF: Thanks! Hope your querying is going well!

    Medeia: Thanks! So lovely to get such a welcome home! I really didn't expect to love Greece as much as I did. It was so beautiful, with such a fascinating history. Hopefully you can see it someday, too.


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