Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ta-da! A TRUTH I DON'T KNOW is taking off!

As of late, my horn has gotten a little dusty with lack of blowing. But I finally have something to show off for my efforts (I'm so excited to share, I had to post on the blog a day early!).

This Tuesday will be the launch party for "Taking Flight", an anthology of writing from Bath Spa University's MA in Writing for Young People. And it includes (first, in fact--yay for alphabetizing!) an extract from my novel, A TRUTH I DON'T KNOW.

Do you remember how ages ago I tantalized you with the glimpse I had into the illustration for my novel by Bath Spa University undergrad Andrew Hinchcliffe? I thought it captured the grittiness and the overall themes of my writing perfectly.

Here it is:

Is it too gauche to say I LOVE it?

For more information, and to enjoy all my classmates' intriguing extracts, visit the Taking Flight Anthology website.

For up to the minute news on "Taking Flight" and Tuesday's launch party, follow us on Twitter @TFAnthology

You can see my bio and synopsis here.

And you can see Andrew's incredible illustration and the first two chapters of A TRUTH I DON'T KNOW here.


  1. Excellent news! I'm so excited for you.

    Having had the privilege of reading ATIDK, I think he did an outstanding job of capturing the mood and feel of the book - it gives me chills to look at it!

  2. Wow, Anne. The prologue is tension-filled and definitely made me want to read more. I was able to slide into Chapter One comfortably, still feeling Maili's unease. I wanted to go with her to Roseland. You're right about Andrew's illustration, too. It's perfect. Congrats on the anthology! Next step: agent, and publisher! :)

  3. Elisabeth: Ohhhh, so glad to hear you agree! Definitely agree about the chills! I could stare at it (and I have!) for ages! ;)

    Andrea: Oh, thank you, what encouraging words, especially from someone whose feedback I value as much as yours. Here's hoping for the next step!

  4. Wow, Anne. Just read your synopsis and excerpt and like the others, I was intrigued.

    Mali seems like an interesting and complex character who's going to have to make some tough decisions. Love the irony of her voice.

  5. Karen: Aw, thanks, so pleased to hear it! She's a fun character to write--much more forthright and impulsive than me--or at least than the me I show in public! =)

  6. I really enjoyed reading your first two chapters -- I'd absolutely want to curl up with the rest of this book! Good for you.

  7. Congratulations!! I agree that the illustration is amazing and very much in sync with your work.

  8. Janet: Thanks, really appreciate you taking the time to check it out! And yes, I'm so pleased with Andrew's photography work!

    Mary: Such high praise, and coming from you it really means a lot. Thank you. Hopefully someday you might have that opportunity!

  9. Girl, you can WRITE.

  10. Congrats on the anthology and the great illustration! I just read the excerpt and it's great, the prologue is just heartbreaking :( I'm sure you're going to find a home for it soon.

  11. Anne: Those might be the best four words I've heard in AGES, Anne! *hug* Thank you!

    GF: Yay for heartbreaking prologues! =) Oh, and I really hope you're right about finding a home for it soon! It's been a LONG road. But everyone's excitement for me lately has been so encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on it!

  12. Sincerest congratulations.

  13. Aw, thanks so much for stopping by, and for the congratulations, Suze!


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