Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Random

No walk this morning, even though there was a glorious sunrise. Instead, I jotted down some ideas, played with some phrases, and paged through some scenes in Project Demo. My week and a half of not writing has been good. I'm beginning to get inspired again.

I suspect tomorrow I'll dive in for real.

But unfortunately, that means not much to say on the blog front. Just a few random tidbits:

1. I'm going to try posting twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, hopefully cutting down my blogging time, upping my writing time, and filling the blog idea well again.

2. For those of you who haven't seen, I'm trying out a new look with Critically Yours. If you're reading this blog somewhere else, like Google Reader, come check it out. And for those who have seen, thanks for all the good feedback. It feels like I've finally cleaned my teenage bedroom after months of dirty clothes piling up! But the new look continues to be a work in progress, so do let me know of any suggestions, ideas, typos, etc.

3. Yesterday Jo Wyton on the blog Notes from the Slushpile shared a thoughtful post on revision and "fixing" a novel based on readers' feedback. One quote really stuck out: "If you had each version of your book in front of you, which one would you want your name on?"

Love how that question cuts through all the fear of failure, and asks what we really want to be writing. That's the point I've reached with Project Demo. Now the challenge is making it work my way.

Have a good weekend!


  1. ooh - #3 is good.

    Have fun! My day did not go as planned today but I am feeling quite itchy to get writing again - weekends are always iffy for writing, but Monday I have hopes for.


  2. I really like the new layout. And I think I might join you in taking a total break from writing for a little while. My creative well feels seriously depleted right now. Have a great weekend!

  3. Elisabeth: Yes, don't know what I'm thinking jumping into work tomorrow! Weekends are iffy for my writing, too. But maybe just getting my toes wet is worth something. I hope Monday works out for you! And glad that #3 spoke to you, too.

    Anna: Thanks! And I hope the break works out well for you, too! I was just thinking how hard you've been working lately, what with all the book promotion!

  4. Ah, back to Project Demo eh? Good luck! :)

    And yes, cutting down on blogging is a great idea.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Looking forward to updates on Project Demo! I'm kicking back also on the blogging because I have noticed my blogging has eaten into my writing time. In fact, you posted about how others won't value our time if we don't (your landlord, I believe?). Anyway, that post circled around in my head for days and I thought, I'm not valuing my time very well. You inspire me Anne! Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Karen: Thanks! Yep, actually revised three chapters today. I really am doing this! At least... until it scares me off again! ;) Have a great weekend yourself!

    Bridgette: Aw, you're a sweetheart, thanks so much for sharing that. Let's hope we can both get better at valuing our time. Enjoy your weekend!


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