Thursday, November 28, 2013


Sorry for the long hiatus. The return to teaching full time has been even more challenging than I anticipated. But also really fun (sometimes). Anyway, I wanted to stop by briefly because it's Thanksgiving, and after living abroad five years, and away from home even longer (wherever home even is), Thanksgiving has become kind of a big deal. And a good chance to remember all that I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful for company this Thanksgiving, new friends and old.

I'm thankful school is getting easier as I get to know all the kids' names, understand the district's expectations, and figure out I'm working with some really incredible, helpful, and dedicated people.

I'm also thankful for a four day weekend.

I'm thankful for a good book (Zilpha Keatley Snyder's The Egypt Game) to curl up with. I stumbled across it in my classroom library the other day, and remembered adoring it as a child. It's nearly as good on the re-read.

I'm thankful for Jake, the dog Phil and I adopted at the beginning of the month. He's been such a joy to come home to every day. And yes, that's him, strangely photogenic for this family!

I'm thankful for the amazingly astute and supportive writing group I've stumbled into in the Triangle area.

I'm also thankful for squeezing in a few minutes of writing time every week. I'm hoping to find a bit more in the coming weeks because I'm excited about where my currently project (Project Nameless?) is going.

And I'm thankful that Durham is beginning to feel a bit more like home.

What are you thankful for this season?

I hope and pray for all sorts of blessings in your lives, your writing, and your thanksgivings.


  1. Jake is clearly thankful. He probably reminds you of it with the wag of a tail many times every day.
    I'm thankful for many things, not least for finding your blog.

  2. I'm thankful there are people such as you who are willing to take on the task of teaching, and to rescue a dog like Jake.

  3. Jake looks like a sweetie w/that big smile! Glad you're settling in good!

  4. That Jake is a cutie! Nice to hear things are going well for you and you're settling in.

  5. Sounds like you have settled in nicely, Anne. It's good to hear that you life is happily busy, but glad you made time to check in here on the blog.

  6. Aw, Jake! He looks like such a happy dog. I'm glad you're settling in, though New England misses you. :-)

  7. Aw, and I'm even more thankful that so many people are still willing to stop by and post such lovely messages. Thank you, all! Hopefully it won't be too long until my next post.

    Jake is indeed a very fun, smiley dog and we feel very lucky to have made him a home.


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