Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good finds

A few weeks ago Phil and I were wandering around a neighborhood comic shop on Gloucester Road (called Area 51!). They have a large selection of used sci-fi and fantasy books, and I recognized many of the titles from my childhood when I read that genre near religiously. I happened across a battered copy of Robert Jordan's THE EYE OF THE WORLD, the first book in his Wheel of Time series. I loved that book as a kid. I read perhaps the first four or five books in the series, but after a while found them repetitive and seemingly endless. But I must admit, my friends and I used to sneak into Schulers (fabulous bookstore) when a new book came out, just to skim through the text, keep up to date with our favorite characters. So with Robert Jordan's death in 2007, I've been thinking fondly about that series, wanting to at least re-read the first book. And when I saw it for £2, I figured I had to have it.

I approached it with trepidation, and finally started reading it last night. Would it be awful? The first two sentences were so clunky grammar-wise that I had to read them multiple times. But after sitting outside the Banksy exhibit this morning and reading for over an hour straight, I was completely hooked all over again. Mysterious warriors that move like wolves, a sorcereress who may be aligned with the Dark Lord, monsters attacking a small farming town, apparently searching out only boys of a certain age. Epic fantasy at its best. I wonder if I have time to read the whole series this time around?

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