Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ah, Saturdays

It doesn't get much better than a good Saturday.

While I'm writing, I'm simmering vegetables, stock and tomatoes for jambalaya for dinner tonight. The last time I made jambalaya was for our Inauguration Day party. It smells like heaven (or at least like the Dixie Kitchen) in our kitchen right now.

And I napped most of this afternoon because I stayed up halfway through the night last night to finish Meg Cabot's final installment in THE PRINCESS DIARIES. I had to find out if Mia and Michael would ever love each other again. Really. Even though you would think these books would not really be my thing, I am so totally addicted. I (and Phil!) am so pleased I have now finished the series. Until I need to re-read them all. I want to do a blog post on what makes these books so great (because they are!), except I'm still trying to sort it out myself. Meg Cabot is amazing. And anyone who doesn't believe me should check out her blog, which almost always makes me laugh out loud.

Also, even though I was up half the night, I woke up early this morning because the sun was shining (albeit briefly) and I was thinking about my own novel. So I got out of bed and wrote for two hours straight. I'm in one of those periods where I'm loving my book, loving my characters, lost in my story. Which is a good thing because frequently I'm fighting the opposite feelings.

Oh, and proof that I DID go on a walk the other day:

This is Bristol's Bishop Knoll, a forest preserve I've been meaning to go to for sometime. It was a bit of a disappointment. I mean, some very cool old trees, but most of it was overgrown bramble.

Doesn't this look like the tree in Pan's Labyrinth?

Then I found this random stone staircase that led to a curving wall covered with thorny plants.

Of course I had to go explore. How random and British is this?

Hope you're all enjoying your Saturdays, too!

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