Monday, November 23, 2009

Cozy British things

A rainy day... actually, it's been a rainy week. So now seems like a good opportunity to blog about things I love about the UK.

Duvets. I know some people have duvets in the US, but I had never slept with a duvet until I came here. Here everyone sleeps with a duvet. In the UK, comforter means a stuffed toy or security blanket, not bedding as we think of it in the US. Duvets are cosy, warm and soft. Plus, the Brits have the term "duvet day" for those days where it's just too hard to get out of bed. Love it.

Scarves. I have picked on the Brits for wearing scarves indoors. It's very 80s power woman. Or hippy dippy. But then I tried it and have completely gone native in this regard. A warm neck is a happy neck.

Local meats and cheeses. When I make jambalaya, I can buy chorizo from my local butcher or farmer's market that has been made entirely locally. And it's so good and strong, it infuses the whole dish with flavor. Who knew goats cheese came in so many different varieties? I sampled four different types on Saturday as I tried to decide which to buy. Apparently the concept of farmers markets was invented by Americans, and is quite new to this country. But Britain definitely respects its local farms, in a way I didn't see when I lived in the US.


  1. Oh today is absolutely a "duvet day" in New England! I think I'm going to have to adopt this phrase. :-)

  2. Isn't that great? So much better than the American "mental health day".
    Hope you manage to keep cozy today!


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