Saturday, November 14, 2009

My writing space

People are generally fascinated with work spaces, especially artists' work spaces. We see their work as magic and want to know how it happens. I've seen the coffee shop in Edinburgh where JK Rowling wrote a portion of Harry Potter. Blue Balliett apparently did most of her writing on her home's clothes dryer. A friend recently showed me the website Where I Write which features photographs of science fiction and fantasy authors in their work spaces.

The pictures are fascinating to breeze through. Big spaces, small spaces, lots of bookcases, cats and small dogs... Sci fi/fantasy writers seem to prefer dark wood. One guy with candles in an attic... MARGARET WEIS (a favorite childhood writer). Actually, Weis' picture is interesting; like the others she has a computer, but no desk or table. Judging from the picture, she just writes with her laptop as God (or IBM or whomever) intended, on her lap. That's nothing, though, compared to Gregory Frost's picture, where he appears quite reclined on his couch.

Now that I am writing full time, space has become especially important to me. Not because I think I'm more important or my writing is more important or anything like that. Just because, unlike Weis, I'm a spreader-outer. The more work I do, the more I spread out.

In case anyone is curious, here's a shot of my work space:

I know, I know, the plant is also becoming quite a spreader-outer. If anyone has any suggestions for how to tame it, I'm all ears.

My biggest problem with my work space...

Actually, we're studying conflict in class, so let me put this is conflict terms:

As the main character, my goal is to have a place to spread out my writing accoutrements. My opposition (my husband) also has a goal. His goal is to eat dinner on our dining room table. This conflict will of course escalate as I spread out more and more, and come to head every night at dinner. The resolution is that when I get a million dollar book contract (HAH!), we will use the money to buy me a desk.*

What about you? Where do you write? Is conflict involved???

*Not that I need a million dollar book contract to buy a desk (I do understand they're cheaper than that), but this just feeds into my whole anti-materialism, temporary life in the UK thing.


  1. Yes, yes...conflict all the time. Same dining room table problem, husband and kids plus televison in the same room. It doesn't work at all. No idea what to do about it except earn tons of money and buy a new house.

  2. Dining room tables are so useful for writing, though, aren't they?
    Good luck with the money for the new house! =)

  3. I just had to give up my writing/artwork space in our house to let my mom and brother move into my basement. My wife's arts and crafts room became my moms, our library is my brother's room and the garage, which used to be my studio is where we but everything from those rooms in boxes. I currently have a desk in the closet.

  4. I hope your family is appreciative! Does the closet at least have a door??


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