Monday, November 23, 2009

Writing on a rainy November day

As I said in my previous post, it has been a rainy, gloomy week. Of course, I shouldn't complain. There's been flooding and evacuations in other parts of the UK. As one Guardian journalist living in Wales, Robert Penn, writes, "November has always been the month we endure."

In order to prove his point, Robert Penn has collected several quotes from UK writers about the weather and they are so delightful, I have to share:

"'Continuous rain for the last three days... novel progressing well,' Evelyn Waugh noted on 1 November 1939.

'I really begin to doubt whether England is a beautiful country,' George Bernard Shaw wrote on 2 November, 1896...

and on 5 November, 1685, the diarist John Evelyn moaned: 'Extraordinary wett morning, & I indisposed by a very greate rheume.'"

Now, even if it is a gloomy, wet morning, doesn't that make you feel better? Hundreds of years ago, other writers were feeling gloomy, wet, and yet still scribbling away.

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