Monday, December 21, 2009

Cheese! Adverts you won't see in the US

So pleased to share a year-end installment in my adverts you won't see in the US series. The two previous ads (Salmon Fish Fingers and Corsodyl Mint Mouthwash) would have never made it to US TVs because of their sexual content (outright nudity with the mouthwash!). In this Boursin cheese ad the actors are fully clothed. However, it's the ad's sadistic humor that would keep it off US airwaves. Oh, and celebrating a total love of cheese--not sure many Americans would get that either! Enjoy!


  1. Ha! Oh, I love this kind of dark humor. You're right that it probably wouldn't work in the US (I could see people getting upset about the "message" this is sending) but it's hilarious!

  2. Glad it amused you, too! Sometimes the message is just that running over happy people eating cheese is kind of funny. Ah well.


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