Friday, December 18, 2009

Wrapping up a year and a semester

Today is the final day of my first semester in my Writing for Young People course.

It's really quite amazing. I love looking backwards at life when it's turned out well. At the beginning of September, I blogged about all my anxieties upon starting school. It's such an incredible feeling to report, several months in, my lunch money has not been stolen once. I've also made friends, thoroughly enjoyed my classes, wrote more than I imagined I could, been challenged, and been successful. How often in life can one say all that? I feel so blessed in this unexpected life journey.

And how is my writing? Because, at the end of the day, that's why I embarked on this course, right? Right.

Well, I've learned a ton. I've learned I can write for different age groups. I've learned I love writing picture books. I've learned what I tend to be good at (setting, voice) and what I'm not so good at (plot, passive characters). I've learned I can generate a whole new character, setting and plot. A new story every week, if need be. That comforts a lot of fears. I have more than one book inside me.

I still have one major fear fluttering about my brain. Everything's moving way too fast. Can I possibly have a publishable manuscript ready by next September? Will I actually be happy with it? Will anyone else be? Deep breath. Exhale. Okay, moving on...

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