Friday, January 15, 2010

Cheating on my wip

Still thinking about multi-tasking. Then I stumbled upon this fantastic blog post by novelist Christine Fletcher about breaking up with a work in process (leaving it for a new novel).

Completely cracked me up. Also got me thinking about passion. Commenters on my previous multi-tasking post all admitted to failure at working on multiple things. You said that once you shifted your passion for a project, it was hard to get it back (and the reverse, if you were passionate about a project, you had to see it to the end).

That has been what's scaring me, too. I am passionate about my current work in progress. I believe in it. My tutors and classmates believe in it. I can't afford to abandon it for a shiny new thing. So my goal at the moment is to continue onwards, to finish my wip. And when I get stuck or bored--I'll sneak around a bit and do some casual drafting with my new idea. Just a little cheating on the side--will my current wip even notice?

But I assume, like all of you, I'll hit a point where that's just not possible anymore and I'll have to make a choice. If I still love my wip, and I think I do, it will force me to choose it. I'll let you know how it goes in the meantime.


  1. Oh, my gosh. That was hilarious. I always felt guilty about quitting one to tackle another, now I see it all in a different light. I guess I'm a "cheater".

  2. I totally cheat on my novels with cute little picture books all the time. Don't tell.

  3. Thanks, Catherine, but I really have to give full credit to Christine for her hysterical post. So glad to know I'm not the only cheater out there!

    Jacqui! So... I promise I won't tell, but... does it work? Are you happily able to work on both? Actually, I can kind of see this working for myself, too, since the novel and picture book are such different arts. Maybe *I* need to cheat with a few picture books!

  4. Anne, you cracked me up! "If I still love my wip, and I think I do, it will force me to choose it."

    Are you telling us that wip wear the pants in the relationship? :D

    I confess that like Jacqui, I kind of "cheat" with PB as well. I made a deal with PB a longtime ago: PB would let me work on Novel if I also shower PB with attention for some time every month.

    Feeling in a literary polygamous relationship as I write this... :$

  5. he-he-he. I hadn't thought about who wore the pants... but yes, probably! =)

    So happy to know others are in literary polygamous relationships!


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