Wednesday, March 31, 2010


*jump* *cartwheel* *dance*

It's only a first draft. A very rough first draft. And I still need to write one chapter and a few scenes I skipped along the way (I couldn't write them until I knew how the book would end). But what a RELIEF.

A relief to know, with several hours a day devoted to writing, it was possible for me to write a draft in less than 3 months.

A relief to finish at all. I tried a whole new approach with this book. I wrote three scenes, playing around with the characters and the ideas. Then I started at the beginning and wrote. I let the character dictate what would happen next. She carried me through the entire story. I was most worried about he climax. I knew vaguely what would happen, but had no idea about the specifics, how it would play out. But my character figured it all out. And it might be a little cliche, but I think there might be some good writing there, too.

The novel's also a little short. I set out for 40K, since that is the goal for our program (though our tutors admit YA novels can and perhaps should go over this limit). I'm at 40, 247. When I add those few scenes, I might pull it up to 45K. Young adult novels are usually between 50-80K. Perhaps I need a subplot. At the moment, I'm just hoping I'm close enough that revisions take care of it. Or maybe it's so good it doesn't matter?


I'm more terrified of how bad it might be.

But for now, I'm DONE.

*jump* *cartwheel* *dance*


  1. Great news! It must feel great to be able to say you're done (at least for now).

  2. Yay, congrats! Isn't it the best feeling? As for the next step, don't worry about it being bad - just focus on ways to make it better. :-)

  3. Congratulations! Getting the first draft done is huge!

    (I saw your post on the Blue Boards)

  4. Thanks, all. It IS a great feeling. I'm also terrified of what I'll find when I return to the manuscript. But as you say, Anna, at least it's DONE, and now I can focus on how to make it better. But first I'm taking a bit of a mental vacation. =)

    Thanks for stopping by, too, Andrea!


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