Friday, May 21, 2010

Do you write when you're sick?

So today marks three weeks of being sick. I know! Luckily (?), my doctor is taking my case a lot more seriously now.

But that brings me to a larger question... do you write when you're sick?

I usually go through two stages. Stage 1 I try to pamper myself, watch movies, read in bed, take naps, and hope that makes me get better faster. Stage 2 is when I'm still sick, pampering myself doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere, and I get back to work.

I might be hitting stage 3 any day now, where I'll have to blink to dictate my novel to an attentive nurse.
Just kidding! Being sick makes me so much more in awe of people who deal with chronic illness and so grateful for my own (relatively secure) health. And luckily I am nowhere near The Diving Bell and the Butterfly stage of sickness yet.

I don't mind light writing when I'm not feeling well: ie, blog posts, easy revision, emails. What gets me is trying to be creative. At the moment, I'm rethinking the climax of my novel. I also want to rewrite a few scenes to experiment with changing the age of one of my minor characters. And it all seems like an awful lot of work. But perhaps I need to keep Jean-Dominique Bauby in mind and just suck it up.


  1. Because I work (slightly more than full time!) I have been known to be somewhat pleased by the arrival of a bug as it means I can stay home and write!! It never quite works out though...

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. he-he-he. I know that feeling! Also a great opportunity to catch up on reading. =)

    Thanks. Doing better today and was able to get some solid writing/thinking done.


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