Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still revising...

September promises to be busy, with a friend's visit, another meeting with my tutor, the Bath Children's Literature Festival, and numerous other life stuff, not to mention my looming deadline. So I'm trying to make the most of a quiet August to revise as much of Project Sparkle as possible.

I'm working through a combination of my list of things to do and Julia's list of things to do. I was combing through the manuscript yesterday when I reached one of her notes, scrawled at the end of a chapter: "What happens the same evening? When he comes round for supper with them all? A missing chapter!"

Did you notice the exclamation point at the end of that? It's centered on the page with an arrow pointing to it, too.

Yeah. I think she's excited about this presumed missing chapter. That makes one of us.

So while I'm sorting out that, I figured I'd share this with you from Patrick Rothfuss' blog. Rothfuss is the author of the fantasy novel THE NAME OF THE WIND, which I read earlier this year and quite enjoyed (love my epic fantasy). A fan asked Rothfuss about his revision process. His response made me laugh in a sadistic, I-totally-get-how-much-this-stinks sort of way. It also made me super glad Project Sparkle is well under 100K. Enjoy!

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