Monday, August 16, 2010

Thanks for a great year (and a bit)

It's the one year anniversary of Critically Yours!

Actually, the one year anniversary was at the end of July... Oh well, I've been busy.

The blog was ostensibly created to chronicle my one year MA in Writing for Young People. Looking back, it's been quite a year. At the end of July, I quit my job. At the end of September, I learned an excerpt of my novel ADELE had been selected for British SCBWI's UNDISCOVERED VOICES. I was overwhelmed with enthusiastic emails and phone calls from interested agents and publishers. I learned the hard way to say no, that I needed time to finish my book and feel good about it before I sent it out into the world. In October I started school, heavy with trepidation--luckily, I quickly fell in love with my program. In January I started a new manuscript, dubbed Project Sparkle because of its sparkly newness, and fell in love with it. In February I attended a launch party for UV. In March I finished my first draft of Project Sparkle. At the end of June my MA coursework was finished, too. And now here I am, working on revisions for Project Sparkle. The final manuscript is due September 30th (and yes, I am now counting the weeks).

So much has changed in one year, it hardly seems possible. The publishing industry is extremely competitive, so there is no assurance of anything. But I finally have a manuscript I love and really believe in. I have numerous agents interested in seeing it. I have such a better understanding of the industry and myself as a writer.

I've also made friends! I didn't start the blog with that in mind, but that has easily been the biggest benefit. I've met so many amazing people along the way, and you all have been so friendly, open, and supportive. Thank you.

So what's next for Critically Yours? Well, this fall, once I've made changes to Project Sparkle given feedback from my program, I'm hoping to send it out. Writing through my process this year has been so positive and reflective, I'm inclined to continue blogging my submission process. And then we'll see what happens. Who knows where another year could take me?

Thank you.


  1. Happy blog anniversary, Anne!

    You've made some great progress this year. That's wonderful that you have a manuscript that you're proud of and how you've grown as a writer.

    I look forward to reading more your blog in the future. :)

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary, Anne! And I hope there are many more—I've been enjoying your posts so much. Blogging on your submission process sounds great—I'm looking forward to it. :)

  3. Thanks, Andrea. Good to know my internal musings are at least somewhat enjoyable to others, too! =)


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