Friday, September 3, 2010

Bath Festival of Children's Literature

The end of September means the Bath Festival of Children's Literature. Yay!

Well... assuming I've finished my book by then. *shiver*

The Festival was founded by John and Gill McLay, and this year they are its Artistic Directors. And yes, that's the SAME John McLay who taught my publishing course. So of course I had to volunteer.

Actually, I really couldn't turn down the opportunity to hang out with kids, support children's literature, and hob nob with (or at least occupy the same room with) some big names.

I'll be there for the opening talk by Children's Laureate Anthony Browne. I'm also going to help out with talks by Andy Stanton (of MR GUM fame), Cressida Cowell (HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON), Dave McKean (the amazing illustrator of CORALINE and THE SAVAGE), Charlie Higson (YOUNG BOND), Horrid Henry (himself!), Cornelia Funke (INKHEART), Maggie Stiefvater (SHIVER) and a Peter Rabbit puppet show. Plus a few others!

Even better, some of my fellow volunteers are names themselves! I was sooo excited to see I'd be volunteering with some former Bath Spa Writing for Young People grads, like Marie-Louise Jensen (I just blogged about her audio book, BETWEEN TWO SEAS).

Oh, and I should also mention the most important talk of the whole Festival. Well, to me. Thursday, 30th September is Writing for Children and Teenagers: The Writing Process with Julia Green (my tutor!) and three recent Writing for Young People graduates (Jim Carrington, Alexandra Diaz, and C J Skuse). Course, my classmates and I will all be there biting our nails because Rosemary Canter of United Agents will also be awarding a prize for our course. So if you want to hear great work and witness social angst in action... highly recommended!

Actually, the whole festival is highly recommended. And for those of you who live nearby, do let me know if you're coming. I'd love to see you there.

Oh, and Julia Green is the Festival's Author in Residence! If you can't attend (or even if you can!) you can follow her blog here.


  1. Oh, to be in Bath... I'll be following Julia Green's blog. Have fun -- and good luck!

  2. I hope you enjoy the blog, Andrea! Thank you!

  3. I'm going - I've got a school event.Maybe we can have lunch!

  4. YAY! Would LOVE to get together, Keren! I'll message you on FB.


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