Friday, September 24, 2010


I've made sure all my ts are crossed, all my is dotted. Well, more literally, I've run my grammar and spelling check, made sure all my paragraphs are indented, and done a final read through. Along the way I caught some troubling errors, such as one instance where I used the word "mobile" instead of "cell." *cringe*

I've added the words skank, Obama, cami, googled, hoodies, and venti to my spell-check dictionary. I've researched whether or not to add an s to the words forwards, backwards, towards, and afterwards (the added s is a British thing. It comes naturally to me, but perhaps this is because I grew up close to the Canadian border? It can also be used correctly in American English with "ward" if the word is an adverb).

I'm right on schedule. Tonight the Bath Festival of Children's Literature kicks off with Children's Laureate Anthony Browne. I'll spend the next week mostly busy volunteering.

But I haven't yet printed out the final manuscript. This way if something occurs to me in the dead of night, there's still time to fix it. Once I do print it, I'll skim through it once more to look for any formatting errors.

It's due on the 30th. I'll be in Bath on the 29th, so if I'm feeling daring, I may turn it in.

I'll let you know how it feels then. Right now I'm just scared.


  1. Scared is understandable. You've worked so hard and want to make sure this is perfect. But you should also be very proud of your accomplishment. So, take a deep breath, hit print, do one last skim—give a long, good exhale—then go enjoy the festival! :)

  2. Thanks, Andrea. I think I'm going to re-read your comment about twenty times over the next few days. You're absolutely right, but I need to convince myself to believe it!

  3. "Mobile" is catching on more in the States, Anne. "Cell" sounds so...penal, you know? Glad you have a chance for some time away from the monster! Looking forward to your report from Bath!

  4. Really? Mobile sounds so... British to me. In all the meanings of that word! =)

    Cell is rather penal... maybe we need to invent a new word all together. Or maybe, once landlines die out, we'll just call it a "phone".

    Guess who I saw on the way home last night??? ROBERT! Actually... I'm not sure it was, because he looked GOOD, with a big bushy tail. A full moon, too. Very cool.

  5. Yay, congrats! As Andrea said, it's normal to be scared, but try to squeeze a bit of enjoyment in there too. :-)

  6. What a great feeling to finish. Congrats and good luck.

  7. Blog about Robert, he will return!

  8. Thanks, Anna and Medeia! Actually, the further I get away from working on the ms, the better I'm feeling. It IS nice to be done with it!

    Anne, it's amazing this magical internet, isn't it? =) Actually, hubby saw him and his girlfriend the other day in a nearby park, too. I think he's officially back!


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