Friday, June 24, 2011

Santorini: Greece Pics IV

The revision's going a bit better (thanks for all your help Wednesday!), and I'm almost caught up on emails and everything else that got put on hold while I was away. And it's Friday! What better way to celebrate than more Greece pics?

Our second day in Santorini, Phil and I did a bit of exploring. We went to one of the highest points on the island, Pyrgos, to wind through its twisty stone streets, see a ruined castle, and enjoy the view from the top.

Here's me contemplating the view. Or wondering if anyone would notice if I yanked just a few of those bells.

That afternoon we headed down to Perissa to visit the Black Beach.

My geologist husband went nuts. The beach is black because of the volcanic explosion that formed Santorini. Most of the island is made up of volcanic rock, and it all collects on the beach in tiny, granular bits, barely bigger than regular sand.

Plus we got smoothies.

Unfortunately, as you can probably tell from the picture with no one in it, it was a little chilly for swimming.

Then it was our last day in Santorini. Since most everything in Greece closes on Mondays, we couldn't visit any of the museums or cultural sites in the capital city of Fira. Instead we spent another day wandering around Oia, poking our nose in most of the shops, doing some shopping, getting ice cream, and enjoying ourselves. A hard life, huh?

Actually, we looked so relaxed, one of the shop keepers had to stop us and ask what cruise we were on. Apparently most of the cruises that stop in Oia give their passengers about two hours to see the town. They race through, take a few pictures, and rush back to their boat. What a shame.

I've already mentioned the dogs in Athens. Well, they were all over Oia, too, bounding from staircases to roofs down the side of the mountain to get the best view anytime one of their friends barked.

There are two dogs in the below picture, the one taking a nap, and the one standing guard like a soldier. If anything happens, he'll be the first to sound the alarm.

Finally, one more picture of beautiful Oia.

I'll post my final set of Greece pictures (more Athenian ruins) next week.

Have a great weekend!




  2. What a wonderful way to end the week! Thank you!! These pic are lovely--the parting shot of Oia is beautiful. And a bit sad, like leaving any place you love is.

    Looking forward to the final set of pics :) Have a great weekend, Anne!

  3. Wow, Oia is so gorgeous! The first pic is beautiful.

    Love all the doggies there too! :)

  4. Aw, thanks, everyone! Happy to spread a bit of Friday sunshine (or jealousy as the case may be! =) ). After a crazy month, Greece really does seem so far away. But it's been such a treat to revisit it on the blog. Have a great weekend!

  5. So gorgeous! All these photos make me want to go on vacation!

  6. thatcovergirl: Thanks! Sounds like you've got some good trips in the works, so I don't feel so guilty! Enjoy your time away!

  7. I'm so jealous right now. We aren't vacationing this summer because we have a lot of projects around the house sucking up our vacation fund. I'm living vicariously through you right now.

  8. Kelly: That's okay, if I can be jealous of your book launch and we can call it even? ;) I do hope you get some time to take a break, though, even if you don't go anywhere!


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