Monday, August 15, 2011

Where have I been?

Good question! And because I've been gone for several weeks, I thought I'd answer it before I went into hiding for several more!

Good news: I think I've finally figured out what my novel's about! It's only taken... 11 months? But thanks to a serious dose of John Truby's The Anatomy of Story (which I'm looking forward to reviewing in a future post!), incredibly insightful beta readers, and a heckuva lot of butt-in-chair time, things are finally beginning to come together.

Bad news: Have you ever gotten dressed early in the morning, with the curtains still drawn so as not to disturb your husband? And it's not until you're at work in the glaring light of day that you realize you're wearing navy socks with black pants? Yeah, that's what it's been like figuring out what my book's about. Much editing to be done!

So I've missed the blog, and all of my blog friends, but Project Demo has taken over all of my time, and needs more. But never fear, I've been constructing numerous posts in my head, and I look forward to sharing them one of these days... maybe September?

In the meantime, good luck with all of your projects! And clearly I'm not getting much sun, but I hope the rest of you are taking advantage of the last few days of summer!