Friday, November 4, 2011

Project Fun is becoming a slog

Okay, not really a slog. I still love it. But I'm beginning to notice all of its plot holes, and clunky writing, and I keep switching from present tense to past to present again because I can't make up my mind.

The good news is the end is in sight. My Faux Nano plan, commencing in early October, was to write a scene a day, and to produce a novel by the end of November. I had 57 scenes, so it mostly seemed to add up. Except some of those scenes ended up combining. And Project Fun is turning out to be much shorter than I expected. So now here I am, barely starting November, and ramping up to the climax.

If I continue writing a scene a day, I should finish the book by next Thursday.

Craziness! I'm now getting a bit paranoid about word count, thinking about adding scenes, padding out subplots...

But still, finishing early is a good thing because I'm definitely running low on steam. I don't know about the rest of you, but for me, drafting is hard work. I find it mentally, but also physically draining. Nap inducing. Is that just me?

Anyway, current word count (as of Thursday): 27,400
Scenes left: 7

How are your projects, Nano or otherwise, coming along?


  1. I generally love rewriting, but after finishing one over-written ms and starting on another, I've entered a boggy, dead area that needs major reworking and I'm now feeling frustrated with it. It's hard to make the decision to get rid of something that you know is necessary, but just in the wrong place. Occasionally you know right away just where it should go, but most of the time it's a headache trying to find the right spot for it.

    But of all the things I'd rather be slogging through, rewriting is way up on the list. Especially when I've got 35 student essays that make it look even more enticing.

  2. Your blog is aptly named, Anne. You sure are hard on yourself.
    No slug = You

  3. Mary: Ugh, what a nightmare. That's the same point I hit with Project Demo, where you know exactly what's wrong, but have no idea how to fix it. Maybe I should get some student papers to grade... it does sound like the perfect writing incentive! ;)

    Mirka: Aw, thanks! Made me smile! Technically the blog is named Critically Yours because I'm one of the most curmudgeonly people I know, but I guess it's only fair I'm hard on myself sometimes, too.

  4. I spent the summer avoiding the ms, telling myself it was time to figure out plotting. And finally I waded back in and cut over 10,000 words and moving other scenes around, undoing months and MONTHS of work--and now I'm almost at the end except for checking the new timeline against a calendar.

    Oh, wait. I have to figure how to export it to Word, then read it aloud so I can find what I've missed the first time...

    Sometimes I really do hate writing.

  5. Anne: Wow, sounds like your summer away from the ms did worlds of good! I can't believe how far along you are! Course, the near-the-end-but-not-quite-there-yet time is one of the worst. Good luck pulling everything together! I'm cheering for you over here in Bristol!

  6. Unfortunately my Nanowrimo (LIte) isn't going at all - yet! I hope.

    Last week was crazy socially - sometimes two commitments a day, on top of regular mommy/household stuff.

    I was hoping to maybe get stuck in today, but both of my peeps are home sick so I'm doubtful I'll get any quiet time time to get lost in my ms. And I was really hoping to get some time - talking about my ideas last week got me really excited to get writing again! And I got a couple more ideas in the car on Saturday (we were on a day-trip). I think the founders of Nanowrimo must have quiet Novembers. Me.. February is looking really good LOL.


  7. Oh Elisabeth! Sorry frustrating! I hope you can get going on everything soon! At least you're feeling good about it in the meantime! ;)


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