Friday, November 11, 2011

Project Fun Update: FINISHED!

Thanks to Faux Nano, on Wednesday I managed to finish the first draft of Project Fun.

It's not ready for primetime (not even beta readers). I haven't figured out the tense, I want to rearrange the climax scenes, and of course, the writing in places is a mess. But even after almost six weeks (37 days, to be exact) plodding through, it's still kind of fun. And sweet. In other words, the process of writing the first draft hasn't totally sucked the life out of Project Fun, which is a good thing.

Total count? 33,406 words. 40 chapters.

I managed to write a chapter almost every day (with a handful of exceptions), and some days managed two. The average chapter is 835 words, which seems to be pretty typical of a day's work for me.

Of course, I expected Faux Nano to last through November. I also expected Project Fun to be 50K. But seeing as it is a book for younger kids, and I'm sure it will gain a few thousand as it goes through revisions, I'm not too nervous about the length (or at least, I'm putting on a brave face--I've never written such a short novel!).

So what's next? Well, I'm not sure. Yesterday I spent the day at Birmingham seeing the sights (I so want to set a novel among the canals there: misty, brick tunnels, narrow boats) and getting fingerprinted for my visa. Today I'm getting together with a writing friend. I'll probably spend the weekend enjoying my new-found freedom (and reading a lot). But Monday?

I definitely need to take some time off. My brain and hands are both a little achy. But I'm already thinking about more writing. I've got some ideas for fixing Project Demo. And I'm itching to get back to Project Fun and start mending plot holes. So I'm truly not sure where the next few weeks are going to take me, except I think I should be easy about it, patient and creative, and see what happens. I've done the hard bit. At least, the first hard bit. And it feels good.

How are your projects, Nano or otherwise, coming along? And what do you do to celebrate a completed rough draft (besides wanting to jump right into the next draft because you know how bad it is?).

Oh, and happy 11/11/11!


  1. Congrats, Anne! It's a huge accomplishment to get the bones down, regardless of length. And how cool that you finished early! Enjoy it!

    My pseudo-NaNo is still chugging along too. I'm keeping up with my 1K a day commitment, but I think I'll still have to spill into November to finish the draft (I started with about 18K).

    I'm thinking that when I finish, I will first collapse and take a few days off (hope you get to do the same!). Then I want to spend at least a couple of weeks on some shorter pieces I have cooking. And then I want to come back to this WIP and adjust the outline and see where things need to be beefed up and streamlined before diving back in.

    Congrats again!

  2. Congrats!!! Finishing a draft is always reason to celebrate. I recently finished an 83K YA manuscript. I have to revise it but I'm taking time away to research and plan a new novel in the meantime. Still, my goal is to get through on round of revisions by November 30.

  3. Kiperoo: Aw, thanks. So nice to share this moment with other writers who get it! Good for you for meeting your 1K a day goal, that's great! And your re-considering the outline plan sounds like a good one. I think that's the route I will take back into Project Fun, too.

    Kelly: Thank you! Wow, planning a new novel and revising a draft by 30 Nov! You're making me tired just thinking about it! But congrats on the YA manuscript and good luck!

  4. Woohoo! That's awesome! Finishing a draft has to be one of the best feelings, doesn't it? Even if you know you still have a long way to go, it's still so exciting. Yay!

  5. Yay!! Congratulations on finishing your draft. Exhale now ;) You've accomplished a lot--celebrate!!

  6. Anna: Aw, thanks! It was a good feeling this past week... but then when I actually finished it, all I could think about were the mistakes. Need to get some distance, methinks! ;)

    Andrea: Yes, you're exactly right! I should get off my butt and do something to celebrate!

  7. I always celebrate with an appropriate adult beverage.

    And for your target reader, you did a great draft run on the word count for Project Fun too.

  8. Congratulations on finishing your first draft. I've got an ending waiting for me to rewrite -- and I'm promising myself I'll get to it after marking the 15 comparative essays. When I'm done with that, I'm with Karen: a celebratory adult beverage will definitely be in order.

  9. Yoo-Hoo! Celebrate before the rest of the work begins.

  10. Karen: Good call! ;) And thanks for the feedback on length, that makes me feel better.

    Mary: Thanks! Love how you reward yourself for finishing work by doing a different type of work! But whatever works! ;) Good luck finishing!

    Mirka: Thanks, it's good to hear all my writing friends remind me to take some time for celebration!

  11. Congratulations! As you might have noticed, I'm reading blog posts backwards so I didn't realize you had wrapped up Project Fun. You really do need some moodling time.

    So happy for you!

  12. Bridgette: Aw, thanks! Yes, finishing Project Fun is the root of my exhaustion! And moodling is a GREAT word! ;)


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