Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Save Every Note with Evernote

Every so often I stumble into something amazing and then wonder where it's been all my life.

This summer a friend recommended Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, which has been on Netflix since 2012, and apparently watched by several of my friends. I'm still miffed no one told me about it sooner. But then I would have missed my Month of Miss Fisher, in which I watched every single episode at least twice, and was deliriously happy with it all.

I didn't want any of my friends to suffer the same fate, so I spent a good chunk of this summer making sure everyone knew about Miss Fisher, mentioning her on Facebook, Twitter, and blurbing her to several friends. I mean, she's a flapper detective. Think lots of sex, booze, a certain stony-faced cop, a penchant for the down-trodden in Melbourne, and murder mysteries. How could it not be fabulous? (notice I'm STILL pitching it!).

Where was I? Oh yeah, connecting this to writing. 

Every so often I also stumble across a website, or technique, or tool to make my writing life easier, and I have to shout about that, too. Maybe it's the teacher in me. Or maybe I'm just really enthusiastic. 

Around the same time as I was binge watching Miss Fisher, several sources converged to tell me about Evernote. I was just beginning a massive research project and desperately looking for a way to organize it all. So Evernote slipped into my life at exactly the right time, and was exactly the tool I was looking for. And I thought: "Where has this been all my life? Everyone needs to know about this!"

I pitched the article to SCBWI, and had it accepted. "Save Every Note with Evernote" was published yesterday in SCBWI's online newsletter, INSIGHT. You can read it here. And seriously, Evernote. Check it out!